New Byson Injeksi telah resmi dirilis…!!!

image – Hallo masbro dan mbaksis, apa kabar semuanya…???

Kabar terbaru berasal dari Negri Sahru Khan india tentang perilisan New FZ-S V2 atau Byson injeksi.
Selain designnya yang berubah, ada perubahan kapasitas CC nya yang sebelumnya 153cc menjadi 149cc.

•New FZ V2 comes with a newly designed 149cc engine in place of the old 153cc.
•New FZ V2 will come with Fuel Injection in place of the old Carburetter New tech is called as Blue Core.
•Yamaha says that it will increase
combustion efficiency, power loss
reduction and will aid in precise control fuel supply ignition timing
•Yamaha promises better performance and higher mileage New FZ V2 gets 14 percent increment in mileage
•Specs wise, the new 149cc engine
produces 13.1PS of power and 12.8Nm of torque as compared to 14PS and
13.6Nm of the outgoing variant.
•New LCD Instrument Cluster with ECO Indicator
•New front and rear suspension settings
•Yamaha says they have also tweaked the chassis for a better ride.
•New Front & rear tyres At 132kgs, new FZ version 2 is 3 kgs lighter. It is the lightest 150cc in the
•For performance: Yamaha says that if older FZ covers 100meters in x amount of time, new FZ will do 103 meters in the same time.
•Yamaha recommends FI cleaning every 6000kms
•Yamaha is targeting young customers in the age of 18-30 years.
•Both the models will be available from beginning July 2014.


FZ Version 2 Official Specs:
-13.1PS at 8000rpm
-12.8Nm at 6000 rpm
-1990mm length
-770mm width
-1030 height
-149cc, 4 stroke, SOHC single cylinder fuel injected engine

Harga FZ Version 2 di India:
-FZ Version 2: Rs 76,250
-FZ-S Version 2: Rs 78,250
*ex-showroom Delhi

Pilihan Warna New FZ Version 2 :
FZ V2: Panther Black & Scorching Red.
FZ-S V2: Blue, White, Green & Orange.


Sekian sekilas info, semoga berguna.

Written by Ferboes Richardson
Contact me:
Twitter: @ferboesR

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  1. hayaaaaah,, kopong gtu.. tambah lemot.. mongtor pujaan ngepbeye…

    jgn tanya siapa ngepbeyenya


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